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Default Carburetor Choice

Hey I am looking for a bit of help choosing a carburetor for my Chevelle. It has a 454 that was just rebuilt with forged piston 10.75:1 comp, steel crank and Weiand single plane intake. The heads are GM iron rectangle-port heads with roller rockers. The cam is 231/231 degrees @ 0.050, 0.544/0.544 lift, 111 degree l.s. Right now it has an old Holley 750 on it. It feels like it is starving for fuel but gets better (but not great) as the car warms up. I was thinking about getting a new one but I was wondering if I should stick with a 750 or bump up to an 850? I have found a Holley 850 street hp but I don't want it to be too much for my motor. Any help would be great. Thanks.

'72 Chevelle, 454, TH-400 w/ 2800 stall, Ford 9" 4.11 gear
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