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Originally Posted by whitey70ss
I guess I'm eatin crow pie for this! But I guess If you want to go fast and your income is a 1/3 of what it was 6 months ago you do what you got to. I'm not proud to say I have these heads, heck I even asked the machinist if we could mill the patriot off the front of the heads! I will say for the money they dont look bad, but looks and performance are another thing!
Well that is my point,why would you put down another mans belongings if you do not even know them?maybe I also have less money coming in now,I guess I just get offended when someone puts down another mans things,sorry but its my pet peeve.I was brought up to never say anything derogatory to someone..and if you read into all of my posts on this,all I did was defend a product that I,me have personally track tested,and trust me,I have a good chunk of change into my heads,the reason I did it,was for that exact reason to have "brand X" for everyone to see ,and think less of the performance so I could have more fun with it,no harm no foul.. :wink:
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