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Default Re: Importing a car

Originally Posted by ako
G'day John,Forget the PARANOID(i notice he used his own brand name to SELL his point)I'm in W.A. and used a guy in S.A. it was pretty painless.He can use his finance broker in the U.S. which got me a better rate of exchange on the dollar,he does the whole lot.American muscle Car Imports.Another avenue is Roly Laehy(check spelling) up in QLD.Both are drag racers and take a bit of pride in customers cars.NOT advertising for anyone just trying prevent a fellow countryman from getting touched up by some scamming prick on the other side of the planet.AKO.
If you are refering to me, I'm not trying to SELL myself to anybody. I don't even ship my products overseas. I just see people getting scammed on here all the time.
I saw your previous posts. I would not question you or topfool. Because you both have been here awhile and have other input and questions on the site.
It's the people with only 1 or 2 posts that you have to watch.
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