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Originally Posted by zipper06
OH Crap!!
I may get banned from RJ for life for responding to this thread, but i have to voice my thoughts on this thread.
First i'm an NHRA racer all my life and before that AHRA and IHRA still today.
In my opinion there's no place for fighting at the track. I once saw in 1990 or 1991 where 2 S/Gas guy were lined up at PHX NHRA, they got into an argurament and 1 guy punched the other guy out, the S/gas couldn't be completed and nobody went home happy.
In my opinion it's up to the tech staff if there was an infraction comitted and you take that decission and live with it. and yes i've seen fighting at the track including Mario Anthretti in 1957 at Soldgers Field in Chgo.
But that doesn't make it right.
I don't know what i would do at the age of 69 if some young trup. came up to me and accused me of staging games and offered to punch my lights out because he lost due to what he figured an infraction.
If you can't handle the consinuences, don't race there any more. You made the desision to go there and you have to realize that there are track favorites that will always get the best decisions.
Lawyer's i don't agree with but it's always possible, so you should always think before you act.
With that said i hope i don't get banned from RJ.

I agree.
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