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Default Value/Opinions???

A good friend of mine is forced to sell his street/strip 65' Plymouth Belvedere. Here is the set up & condition... I am very familiar with his car, but not real good on the market/value. Let me know what you think a good selling price is.

65 Belvedere 2dr HT.

Body is good. Paint is good (but it is the same color as "Crest" thooth-paste. No dents, good clear-coat w/ chrome bumpers & stock trim. This car is mni-tubbed. no fiberglass at all in this car. Car has less than 100,000 miles (67000 I think)

Interior is stock & re-upholstered... great shape w/ stock dash & headliner. It is like 1965 inside with gauges & tach. Has B & M Hole-shot shifter... but everything else is clean & stock. Glass windows that work well.

Motor (this is cool), It is a 67 440 w/a "HP" on the block #'s. It is 12 to 1 forged pistons. Healthy cam (hydraulic) do not know lift/dur. Ported heads (904 I think??) & Torker w/ Holley 850 DP. It does not have headers, but they are also "HP" Mopar manifolds that are nastalgicaly cool. Deep sump pan plumbed for oil system... external o/p I think. Solid motor mounts. About 500HP or more. I do not know much more about the mtr.

Trans is a 727 w/ stall & shift kit, reverse/manual valve body. (No brake)

Rear is a 8 & 3/4 w/ 411s.

It has power steering/no pwr brakes. Holley Blue, Dual remote oil fiters, brand new M/T slicks & street tires. Centerline wheels (old school). Ladder bars/ stock suspension otherwise. Brand new exhaust 3" stainless DynoMax. All MSD Ign. It is turn key... looks nice & runs awesome w/ brute torque.

He needs $10,000... I think it is low. Th car needs nothing & is all represented well. When it was painted, the only thing removed was the side trim/chrome & it looks good that way. Tell me what you guy's think it will bring & I will convey it to him. THANKS!!!!! Scooter
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