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Originally Posted by harbone66
You had better always stage in the right lane cause you are not gonna be able to see the tree in the left lane around those stacks!! :lol:
Actually Chris, i haven't cut the stacks yet. That picture was taken when i was mocking up the setup. Those are high flow raised intake and ex. port Bordix heads with 2.140 tit valves and i mocked it up to make the spacers between the bottom of the injection and the top of the block valley. It turned out that i had to have 1/4" spacers just to match injection ports to the intake ports in the heads and that's with .120 thick intake gaskets.
If you notice there's no head bolts or intake bolts installed in that pic.
In the end i'll cut the stacks and build an air box to fit them under the 4" cowl induction hood, you'll not even know it's injected unless the hood is off the car. I'm hoping to get 750/800 HP with the engine on alcohol.

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