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Hell Far I'm tired of these MEXICANS CRYING ABOUT RIGHTS HELL IF YOU DON'T LIKE US GO BACK TO DAMN MEXICO!!!! Thats just my opinion. Whats the world gone to today? I swear them Mexicans that cry about rights when they snuck over here yet when the AMERICAN gets offended nothing is done about it at all. I say you earn your rights they aren't just givin to you why not just become a legal American and nothing will be said and no problems will be had. I say we need to get the border locked up tighter than an owls as*. One way in and one way out. And the sad thing is that its really not all Mexicans crying about rights its all those left wing nuts (I'm sorry if your a lefty). Like I said b4 just my opinion!! Sorry if I affend anyone!! And lets also get that goofball OBAMA out of there hell i'm not gonna have any rights at all before he gets out of the white house. Crap what am I supposed to look foward to wife children and DEBT!
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