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Default What's wrong with some people....................

This guy from Apex, NC calls me up this past Wed. afternoon wanting to buy my new Victor 2975 intake I have for sale. We talked a few minutes, he seemed on the up and up. He asked me to take it to the post office and get a shipping price and he would add it to the already low price of $150 (subliminal message :wink that I am asking. We agreed I would call in the morning with the total cost, which was $168 inc. insurance and a tracking number and he would send me the money right away.

What do I get for my troubles and attempt to be a reliable seller?

"Uh, hey man I am at work right now. Besides, I need to see how much money I can come up with".

WTH :!: :!: The clown made a DEAL with me, otherwise I would have never had said a word about it.

Now I know that in the words alone mean very little. I certainly wish you could have heard his tone, it was as if I was bothering an important man with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Look polecat, you know who you are, it was piss poor to do a man like that. It only gets your name added to "my list". Should I drop the price on the intake any further, Mr. Apex, NC man, it is still $168 to you.

Needless to say, I do not think I will hear from him. I am not going to mention his name simply because nobody lost any money or parts. I just lost a little time and a little more confidence in the word of a man.

Sorry it was so long, just needed to get it off my chest :!: :evil: :evil:
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