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Default Re: Gas vs. Alcohol on street

Originally Posted by hollowayshotrods
I have a 427 with an Enderle birdcatcher, it came off of a rail that supposedly ran 5.11s. I have no idea what the specs are on any of the internals, the heads are cast 3919840, would like to run around 4k stall, pg tranny, 9 inch rear, around 486 gears. I intend on freshening it up before installing it in my '53 Belair, so any top end set up suggestions would be great. I have heard it run, sounded great, sounded like a 5 second motor!! This is my first big block and alky experience, I will need some bits of wisdom and some "been there done that advice" here, since I know very little of either. I need to know if I can run this set up on the street with Vintage Air without any problems? I have no trouble with switching to gas, if that is the case I want to run two fours(750 Holley) on top of the Edelbrock in the picture. Any input would be greatly appreciated!! I added a picture of the set up on my profile, I haven't quite figured out how to put them on here yet. Thanks for reading this. Rudy
Oh yeah, Olds48 is a good dude, he sold me an intake that will work perfect for me! Thanks Eric!!
I think you can run the bird catcher on the street, but you better have one big fuel cell and an idle bypass on it, also plumb fuel into the mainifold VS running it from the hat base, otherwise distribution could be a problem.


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