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Quite often caused by people who do not know the rules of torqueflites. #1 if anything breaks behind trans it must come apart for inspection.#2 never back car up and then go into low gear and hit the throttle before rolling the car forward several inches to set the over running clutch. #3 try to start burnout in 2nd gear if you have enough power or shift to 2nd asap after starting burnout. If you run a blanket it must be pulled up as far forward as possible! if you look at the pictures racing junkie link posted you will see the direct drum behind the pump is gone. they explode!! if the over running clutch does not hold. some valve bodies have a funtion where they apply the rear band in low which helps protect the over running clutch. or go to a alum drum which does not explode. learned the had way back in the 70's.paul p&b performance. any questions feel free to call 704-279-2560
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