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Originally Posted by dparker
I'm not trying to be mean, but I won't spend $25,000.00 on a car that I can't verify how fast it runs et/mph, 60ft, and how consistant it may be. And If I don't know when it was built. No Dyno sheet. Tracks that its been raced at in the last year. Without the width of the cage? It also looks like its been setting up, also not good when selling a race car. I think you should always detail your car before taking pics. 3 or 4 hours that are well worth the time. Your car may be worth $40,000.00 but without the info I just mentioned your looking at $15,000.00. In my experiences.
All legitimate concerns & I do appreciate the input. I just added its best e.t., 60fts. are in the 1.18/1.20 range and it is pretty consistent. As to a dyno sheet, I admittedly didn't dyno the engine nor have I recently ran the car since, as I mentioned, I simply can't afford to race this type of car anymore & don't want to abuse a perfectly good, fresh motor for a potential buyer.
The bottom line of all this, isI have a car built that I really can't afford to race & don't want to screw it up for its new owner.
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