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New info, after frying the battery charger and getting a new 1, I managed to get it to run for about a minute. Then by pumping the gas just slightly got it to run for a while and then to halfway idle. Now then I got it to run, and idle, not great and has no real throttle response. After letting it run and idle and even trying to rev it up to clear it out. I noticed a little smoke and a sorry smell. I looked under it for the smoke and seen both pipes glowing pretty good. I have shut it off for a while then went to check what happens. The oil is full and looks clean but has a strong gas oder. And when warms up has like 20 psi. The heat goes from 190-220 and a little more which isn't right for a LS1. I know it wasn't good for it to sit and the bad gas in it isn't helping. My question now since it's more then likely running lean, is do I put injector cleaner in it, octane boost until the bad gas is totally out, or buy a new set of injectors? I need this thing streetable yesterday, Thanks again.
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