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You could have a defective fuel pressure regulator. You can replace it with stock or buy aftermarket adjustable regulators. Possibly it is stuck or allowing enough fuel to allow you to get a little pressure while holding the schrader valve open by hand but not near enough to fire and run the engine.

I never buy parts store variety electric fuel pumps to replace factory pumps with. That can also be your culprit as well as the filter, is it installed backwards? If that is possible with what you have. I use only the new factory fuel pumps. Reason is it is not fun replacing them for warranties even if the parts store makes it good. On ebay lots of luck.

The fact the pump does come on and cycle is a good sign though. That at least tells you it is not a computer or fuel pump relay problem.

You may have a fuel pressure guage without knowing it. If you have a vacuum/presure guage that will rewad up to 50 psi, all you need to do is to either get a fitting to screw in the shrader valve port and connect the fitting to your vacuum/pressure guage. Or you can unscrew the valve inside and clamp a hose to the sides of the schrader valve with a hose clamp and watch the guage while cranking.; If you are not cranking at least 38 pisi (guessing) it will probably not start. i AM THINKING IT NEEDS 43 LBS, BUT MAYBE MY MEMORY IS TOO FUZZY. lOOK IT UP IN A REPAIR BOOK AND SEE. (sorry for the caps)

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