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Default LS1 fuel injection help

Hello guys,
Dumb question, I have a 98 T/A LS1 6 speed that has 50,xxx miles on it. I bought it cheap enough because it had been wreck in the nose, no frame damage. I got it home about 5 months ago started it up 2 or 3 times on the trailer, then started it, backed it off the trailer and parked it for later. 2 days later I tried to start it. It cranks but never hit a lick. Ok air, compression and fuel. Air, check! compression, check!, fuel, check? OOPS no fuel. Checked the blasted fuel pump and bingo nada! Well I have let it sit due to time and finally ordered a new pump through a place on Ebay. I got it in and the pump cycles and the engine will try and hit. But won't ever start. Well it has old gas and I added some new and replaced the fuel filter too. Now then the pump will cycle fine but still won't fire. I don't have a pressure gauge but you can cycle it 5 times and then go check for pressure at the shradder valve ( I know I can't spell, LOL) and it doesn't even trickle. You can hold(press) it open and cycle the key and it'll spew gas out. Now then is there a regulator in the back that is allowing the pressure to bleed off or is my new pump crap. I never ran into this 1 before. I would be a big help to my marriage to get this yard art moving again. Any help would be appriecated. Thanks Breck :? ops:
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