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Originally Posted by hotrod1994
so no spray i got that part thanks it was just an idea id have to run a high gear instead of my 4.88 and pick up a nitrous converter anyway. i never siad i didn't like the answer!! i take all the info i get from you guys and put it to good use

yeah racing is the rich mans game but im out to prove the broke guys that build cars put of their single car garage can hang with the guys with tens of thousands of dollars. my dad and uncles did it and im gonna do the same regardless of who tells me different
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound like an ass. ops: ops: After I read what I wrote it could have come out much better. I myself don't believe racing is a rich man's game, it just depends on how fast you want to go. The more you can do yourself the faster you can go on the same dollar. Heck, I am on the lowest rung of the racing ladder being just a bracket racer in an ugly old roadster. I mostly just don't want the few new racers we get lately to make mistakes that cost them everything and have to quit racing. Good luck with your build, we need all the new blood we can get.

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