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Originally Posted by proactionheads
Have you hear that you cant please every one well no one can please mrmopar he is not all there. He had Naylor build him a 632 with dart 400m and a dart tunnel ram intake heads for $11500..00 .He said that he could not afford good heads on a 632 so jimmy set him up with dart 400m heads and intake to help then he would fully port heads at NO CHARGE to help him if would let the shop work the heads in between jobs so he could do them for free.It took dart 4 weeks to get heads to them the work started after 2 more weeks cambers we done and v.j, the heads no work from dart.After 7-8 weeks he started to act crazy so he demands his engine by week 9 heads finish or not, so they offer him the short block and keep top end, he wants engine done. Heads not done all the way they will not make the right power.He made that choice and they could not dyno all his parts for the engine to run were MOPAR PARTS THEY WONT FIT A BBC.As for the shop its has 2 honing machines CV-16-SERDI-SUPER FLOW ALOT - HE HAS BEEN THERE FOR 23 YEARS AND BUILDS LOW 4.00 OR BETTER PRO MOD TO SREET,STRIP. SO ITS SORRY ONE BAD APPLE HAS TO WRITE SOME THING BAD ABOUT THEM.
When you pay a deposit and told your engine will be ready in 5-6 weeks max and it takes 14 weeks, and when you call to check on the progress and are given the run around by Tom(Proaction Heads), is that being hard to please?
When you tell an engine builder you want an engine that makes at least 1100 hp and he says he will have to work up a price & will send an invoice and you receive the invoice from him and don't question his price but ask him will this engine combination make 1100 or more hp and he tells you look on the invoice, it is printed there. Now if this engine you paid Naylor(Proaction Heads) Racing his price quote on invoice and the engine only makes a best of 947 hp - would anyone else be satisfied with this? Am I being hard to please in wanting what I paid for??
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