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Originally Posted by smiley2947
blades are set from rons at 10 thousands . i shut the bottom off and pull the cable at the same time. what are you talking about when you say running a loop line. my return line comes out and comes straight to the top of the tank. the plugs are ngk 10 . the distributor is msd the coil is msd everything is firing right no missing or acting up just cant really tune it cuz the egt is saying its 1500 after a pass on the tale tell . and its hard to start. like this thing is done pissed me off that i am thinking about sellin the whole car. i have been trying to get it right since the being of march i have done lost out of points for the season . i dont know if the egt is right or just throwing a false reading cause at 1500 i think the headers would be cherry red and burn some stuff up
A loop line is a product that Enderle makes where the return line is run back into the pickup on the pump, in my opinion it interfers with the flow, but since you're back to the tank with the return line it's irrelavent.
I think the plugs are way too cold you should be running NGK 8's or maybe even 7's. You may be burning unburned fuel in the headers which would account for the high EGT. also the very cold plugs could contibute the the hard starting. 10's are more like for Nitro. Don't give up on the setup yet, the problem can be soluved.

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