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Originally Posted by bowler
Fast Vega they make a 1.98 but someone told me they were not as strong as the 1.80? and the 1.80 set is $688 if the stock 1.76 is as strong as the aftermarket sets i might hold off as i just bought a set of Chad Speire heads, Jesel rocker bars and will buy a slicks soon also have to get the chassis certified $$$. I would like to know about the strength of the 1.98 planetary set to the 1.80. Thanks to all Doug
The 1.98 aftermarket is just as strong and made of the same material.

What you need to watch out for, some of the aftermarket gear sets are made of cheaper material and made over seas. Find one made in the USA ..

A 1.76 is no where near as strong as a 1.80
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