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Originally Posted by olds48
I run thru an air filter and mufflers. Of course my "mufflers" are 4" bullets. If you can call those mufflers. It only stalls that high in high gear,I wish it was a tad looser. It really starts pulling at about 5000 rpm. I think my motor is over-cammed for the compression it has. I'll get my cam specs up when I find them. The lift is in the high 700" range and the duration is really probably too much for my comp ratio. Aah,the joys of buying other peoples take outs Its a lunati cam. pretty sure the part # is 50210. But Ill find out and get back.
You NEVER have Posted what INTAKE and carb you have?
Wow,Way tooo much BumpStick!!!
110 LS
Power band on the Cam,45-8200.
You NEED 6000 min.Stall.But with that Duration,it will NEVER Happen!
Your just Barely touching the Power when you Shift!
Need to Shift @ 7500.You would Be surprised,how it will Pull above 6500 to 8000!
Change the Stick,and get the Converter to PTC and have the Boys LOOSEN it up!!

G 8)
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