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The car has a Trans brake and a 5500 stall converter. It sounds like your converter may be a little loose, if you can stall it to 6,000 rpm. (JMO) We shift at 6600.
We go to the shell station and fill up the tow vehicle and the racecar, it's never seen race gas. As a matter of fact it has mufflers also, but are loosened and shifted to one side at the track. This car can be driven to Sonic, or anywhwere in our small town, with the mufflers connected. There's a 10 gal fuel tank in the trunk, 2 seats and harnesses. It doesn't load up on the gas or overheat on the street and idles at about 900 rpm. Like i have said before i don't know how much HP it's making, but it's got to be close to 700 i would think.

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