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why did speed and all these tv companys show these auctions ruined the whole classic car hobby. all these guys with what i refer to as more money than brains spend way too much for these cars and people watch and say hmm i got a muscle car with 10lbs of bondo no seats no drive train its got to be worth 6500 better yet same car ratted out interior non original worn out motor slippin tranny and now its 13000 reason "thats what thyre bringin seen it on tv should be askin more "one just like it brought 50000 on tv"" case in point looked at a buick wild cat fair body and interior sound drive line said a grand (prolly classified as a 50 footer) said give a little time 3 weeks later (after big tv auction) said hey got the money gonna come get it said sure get there and now its 7500 asked what changed watched the aucrion sould be askin more he still has car :evil: [/b]
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