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If you hurt your stuff while running nitro, then you aren't doing it right.

Fair statement, as proven by the many people that don't set their tune on 'kill' and successfully run their program. Nothing controversial there.

Nitromethane is an extremely cost effective way to make economical parts and pieces perform like you wouldn't believe. The tone here seems to be that one would be foolish to run it and it would be like setting fire to good money. My sentiments are pretty much the the good liquid and feed it right to go fast instead of spending bucks on trick parts made out of unobtainium. Also, parts designed for brute strength are cheaper than trick, lightweight, canted-valve, jewelry. So, buy for strength and dump in more juice.

Again, nothing controversial here either. "Extremely cost effective way to make economical parts and pieces perform" sounds like an alternative is being offered to the usual high dollar engine components that most choose to build with. Please do not misconstrue my statement here as that high dollar stuff is very cool and powerful indeed. But if one was to shred a production block by missing the tune on nitro, or even alky, it would cost a lot less to replace that block than say a Dart or World piece.

I ran an extremely cheap small block chevy for 5 seasons with almost no maintenance. Same bearings, same rings...I finally wore out the bores and retired it for new iron. It was running when I shut it off. In fact, its last pass was a final round appearance. Hundreds and hundreds of passes on 50-75% nitro. I did need to put two new pistons in it once due to over revving it on the burn out. Changed head gaskets a couple of times until I learned what worked. That's it. No trick parts or pieces and I was able to beat up pretty well on blown alcohol motors. It won many rounds, won quite a few events and I didn't spend a ton of money.

Spud is not a story teller. He ran the car as stated. I guess this paragraph could be taken to say 'it worked for me, just do it', but I would hope that no one here (or anywhere else) would be so naive to take that as blanket endorsement to just do it.

I have no issue with debate, heated or casual, as long as that debate is done under the assumtion that the other person may know what they are talking about. Bjuice, I know you know what you are talking about and are very good at what you do, and you are a BMFIC here on RJ (I say that with respect). Spud also knows what he is talking about, and has the international client base to back it up.

Let's face it, there aren't that many nitro discussion that come up here on RJ. Most are about NA gas or alky, turbos and nitrous. An opportunity presented itself here for many people to be enlightened on the topic and many misconceptions laid to rest, whether anyone was ever going to squeeze a little pop or not.

I first came to RJ a few years ago when I was trying to set up my Enderle injection on my sbf. Not everyone was qualified to provide me with the answers I sought, but a few were and did. I did not take any one reply as the final word and continued to seek knowledge from other sources. Not that I doubted the info I had, but because I wanted verification. Due diligence.

And I do need to point out that if it wasn't for Spud Miller and Fuel Injection Enterprises, my heap and I would still be struggling to find our way down the track.

Bottom line, I expect more from RJ when someone like Spud comes on deck to share information.

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