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here is Spuds orginal reply Murff, Please tell me what part you agree with and what part you may have some questions about ? and try to imagine you do not know him on a personal level.

also i have no issues someone establishing theirselve but don't get a case of the ass when others express their opinion's as well...i think this is were it all went downhill..the theory of being able to give and and not being able to take it will not fly on any forum IMO.

the old phrase olds true again. "its ok to disagree but not to be disagreeable"


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If you hurt your stuff while running nitro, then you aren't doing it right.

Nitromethane is an extremely cost effective way to make economical parts and pieces perform like you wouldn't believe. The tone here seems to be that one would be foolish to run it and it would be like setting fire to good money. My sentiments are pretty much the the good liquid and feed it right to go fast instead of spending bucks on trick parts made out of unobtainium. Also, parts designed for brute strength are cheaper than trick, lightweight, canted-valve, jewelry. So, buy for strength and dump in more juice.

I ran an extremely cheap small block chevy for 5 seasons with almost no maintenance. Same bearings, same rings...I finally wore out the bores and retired it for new iron. It was running when I shut it off. In fact, its last pass was a final round appearance. Hundreds and hundreds of passes on 50-75% nitro. I did need to put two new pistons in it once due to over revving it on the burn out. Changed head gaskets a couple of times until I learned what worked. That's it. No trick parts or pieces and I was able to beat up pretty well on blown alcohol motors. It won many rounds, won quite a few events and I didn't spend a ton of money.

Spud Miller
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