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Well this was quitre a thread. Someone asks about running a little nitro, someone comes on here with a great deal of knowledge on the topic, and you guys run him out of here on a rail.

A couple of points I would like to make:

1. Anyone that just starts dumping nitro into their tank without doing their due diligence as to how to run it successfully is likely headed for some melted parts. Just as Spud did when he was getting his program sorted out.

2. Bjuice, you were the one that brought up the bracket racing aspect. To my knowledge, no track allows nitro in bracket racing. Spud is not a bracket racer.

3. Ashbros, you posted a video on the first page showing how your engine only lasted four runs with nitro. Then you post it again on the last page, stating the engine was already about wore out and had already had 200 bottles of nitrous through it and you decided to have some fun with it. Not exactly a smoking gun here.

I didn't get the impression that Spud was suggesting to anyone that they run a 75% mix in their car just because he does in his. Seemed more to me he was establishing himself on a new forum as an authority on the subject, whcih is something everyone does.

Spud does run a succesful program and does enjoy helping others run theirs. He makes a business of it, and is quite good at what he does.

There are individuals that come in to these forums from time to time that are experts in their field. Spud is one of those people. You folks have pretty much ensured that he will not be a resource for RJ readers to look to, at least not on the forum.

Yes, I am one of Spuds customers and also list him among my friends.

I believe a few of you were out of line here.

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