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[quote="spudmiller"]Mr. Parker,

Originally Posted by dparker
...You've still broke more parts in 2 years than I've broke in 10 years.
And I'm going faster than you...that's what happens when you go nearly a half-second quicker. Buy enough parts to turn 7.300's with your dragster and I bet you find a part or two in there somewhere that wasn't up to the task if you do it twenty times. You'll replace those parts with better ones and then continue on to be a little quicker or faster if you like a challenge. Have you been doing 7.70's for 10 years now? Then you are by all means an expert on going 7.70 if you aren't breaking any parts.
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I run 6.50 in a blown sbc all day long, and NEVER have a stock case 1.76 straight cut brake a case on me... knock on wood... But grow some balls and get a fast car before putting somone down for running 7.70's, when you're running 75% nitro and making how much? 960? I'm rolling over here... My "shiny new parts" is a USED 23* brodix headed 360, makin 1500. I think blowers are much safer than nitro ever thaught about being, just was intersted in maybe mixing a little... Listening to what happens to you though makes me think otherwise.

point is don'ttalk smack about somone you don't know spud, that would probably eat you for lunch :twisted:
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