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I assure you the limits are found quick..I hope this thread gave a few some insight to a short cut.

I was also a Blower Guy LOOONG before I ran Nitrous..Both Alcohol Blown Injected..the small block was a 383ci the BB was a 572ci

you should have saw them when I drove those straight Zoomies into the show Hall that night..oooohhh my GAWD it was blowing HVAC DUCT WORK LOOSE....LMAO 8) 8) 8) 8)

One of the Local Journalist/Photographer loved my Old school theme Hot rod . This was mid 2000 long before the Rat Rod or reality shows got going...The guy was on to something and I blew him off..he wanted to film a day in a racers life with my 65 Nova..little did I know this could have been big...but who would have thought a REALITY SHOW ?????? so I never called him back .....Ohhh well !!! :shock:


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