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It's always a fine line for what you think something is worth and what you can sell it for. The best parts in the world do not guarantee a higher return on your investment.
You see the same cars for sale for months and when you don't, did they sell? or just get covered up in the back of the garage. Drag racing had a good run but things are not the same. I'm sure that statement will stir things up, but its true. Just like the Model T and A, they were hotter than a firecracker for years. In todays market they are a so, so purchase. Why? Because the people who were interested in them are long gone. I'm in my 70's, I know what I'm talking about. My Super/Gas car sold in hours back in 2002. If I owned it today? who knows. There is a diverse form of entertainment today and racing in general has been taking a back seat to other things.

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