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Just to set things straight.. This guy bought an s-10 from me for 2,500. 355 sb 350 th, fuel cell, holley pump, radial slicks, supertrick wheels, new shifter. The engine was just basic with world product iron heads and solid lift camshaft, new holley carb. just the parts alone were worth what he gave for the truck... It was my fathers project and i told him everything i knew to the best of my knowledge.. jgang or( whatever he calls himself now.) came and looked it over and bought it. He then obviously took it home and had second thoughts, because he proceeded to acuse me of screwing him and threatening me.. His complaint was that the engine did'nt have a steel crank as advertised.. I don't know if that was true or not.. But i sent him $200.00 for this issue.. This guy is the typical (I want a prostocker for 2k..) He is now harrassing again on my e-mail... I wont respond to this crap anymore..

Eric Wilkerson
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