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Default 24v Electrical Question

I have a 12v electrical system in my street/drag Vega with a single Optima battery.

I crank the engine (three times for about 3 seconds each time) to get my oil pressure to register before I actually start the car (due to a low oil pressure switch).

When I hit the starter button on the 4th time (to actually start the car), it sounds as though... if additional cranking is required... it wont crank fast/long enough to fire the car.

Right now the car "works" but, I want to add some "security" in knowing I have more than four attempts to start the car!

QUESTION: If I put a second battery in the car and wire them in series to get 24v:

1. will that provide better/longer cranking ability?
2. do I have to change the alternator, starter, etc.?

I feel like this is something I should know, but I don't... thanks for any constructive feedback!
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