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Default Re: It's like almost getting some........, 1/8th mile racing

Originally Posted by cepx111
Originally Posted by TopspeedLowet
We ran last weekend in the big headwind of 35MPH and were forced to race to the 1/8th like you guys. For the record I have always said that an 1/8 mile race at a 1/4 mile track is for 1/2 trackers whom can't handle there rides Bruce
Why bad mouth 1/8 mile racing??
just because YOU run a 1/4 program doesn't mean a 1/8 tracks are easy or that we can't handle our rides - it just so happens that like in alot of this country all of the local tracks around here ( including Memphis Motorsports Park) all run a 1/8 program on the weekends, now I suppose if I had money to burn to run in some circuit or in a sanctioned heads up program galavanting all over the country with my $100,000 chassis car in tow then that would give me the right to bad mouth them poor ole none driving 1/8 racers too. JMO>Cp

You misread my entry, I said that an 1/8th mile race at a 1/4 mile track is a disappointment, like almost getting some. Not picking on you guys running the 1/8th when that is all you have to race on. You have to race what you have to race on. Our track has a short shut down and they have the (super pro class) the so called fast cars, only run the 1/8th, and there are some that I am sure can not handle there rides if they had to drive them, I am sure you know a few like that. I say that to my super pro friends to get there goat like I unintentionally got yours. I was never an electronic stage guy so I stayed in pro to run the 1/4 with my 7 second door car, and yes I need the chute to stop every pass no biggie to me. I am only in 3rd gear for 250' before the 1/8th, and have more to go. I am still accelerating and gain another 40+ mph between the 1/8th and the 1/4.
We have a 1/4 mile track and I have enough power to bend a Nancy set of 1.125" 4130N wheelie bars with 3.90 gears geared for the 1/4, so I am not lacking on the 60' excitement tod74 was talking about at 1.09 in poor conditions. I was just giving MY OPINION on how I view 1/8th mile racing personally, when I am loaded up for the whole 1/4. Nothing to do with easy or difficult, just stopping short of a full pull isn't fun to me, even a little.
I do build my own stuff, chassis, engine the whole thing, and race at my home track every weekend they let me. Not a big dollar operation like it may seem, just frugal and careful with my investment like you probably are.
PS. I just noticed the (you guys) at the end of my entry. I was talking to Beast (Mike) whom had to run to the 1/8 for the same reason of wind expecting to run the 1/4. Not a general comment.
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