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brian, a few years ago I ran this motor which is damn near a stock 355, with a stock hei and she would pull all the way to 6500 smooth as silk, I bought this pertonix coil and module because they say it will let you run up above that 5000 mark, its supposede to be good stuff, it might not be, any ideas? Yes I know I need a msd box, dist, and some aluminum heads a nice short block with some sack, a 5500 vert, some lowwer gears, need to lose weight, but right now what I have is what I have, that above 5000 shoundnt be there, I dont think it is major, My boy who is 7 at end of night got in passenger seat, took him around pits, came around close to our trailer, set line loc and spun em hard then let her go, He loved it!!!!!! he was all smiles
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