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Wow Scott, you are a liar. It is a 6-71 and 12.5 % over 54 bottom 48 top do your math. So the fram filter ruined the bearings? Does anyone else here buy that b s? You spoke to me on the phone once for 5 minutes, got the phone records. Danny for 1/2 hour total and he kept telling me you dont want to talk to me as did the girl this friday when I spoke to her. Yea you told me to bring the motor in, I work in vegas and live in reno. So I had to wait to get home to bring the motor back. Did you did you not tell Danny to tell me to just bring it back and you would show me? Show me what. If you weren't the rude prick, I would have gladly paid you for your time. Oh yea those plugs were put in to load on the trailer. The other plugs were burnt to a crisp. watch for the pic in the forum along with video. So thank you for your time oh yea you installed the intake, remember? You dynoed it. It leaked on your workmanship. Not mine. Regardless, thank you for your time and effort. I will update the results after starting it. Only change I made was move timing from 38 to 34. Good luck in the future.
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