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Default Pro tree like no stagger but bracket or all out ET prefer it

Stagger in a the front tires gives the starting beams a larger target that will give a longer roll out. What will this do, this will give your car a running start at the starting beams and greatly improve your 60' times. This will also help you from going red in a fast bracket car and allow you to use less button than a car without stagger. The amount of stagger you run , example: if you have 25" front tires with 1" stagger would be the same as running 27" tire with no stagger. so if you run 26" tires which are common you will have the starting line roll out of a 28" tire with 1" stagger. NHRA allows a maximum of 1.25" in pro stock in the rule book. That is why I would run 1.375. There is advantages in ET. The negatives would be if you did not have much power and could not get out of the box quickly, this condition will make you have to leave earlier to get a good light. Pro tree guys that need all they can get on the tree prefer no stagger. Not much else negative about it. I would never not build a bracket car without stagger and I always go the max 1.25" cuz ET and speed is all that matters to me, how about you?
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