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YEP, sick of it.

Jaymie Fox was quoted at the memorial saying: "He was a great Black man we shared with the rest of the world" as if his 2 allegations of child molestation, 2 divorces, untreated drug addition, plastic surgury & the fact that EVERY FIBER OF HIS BODY LOOKED WHITE TO ME.... not to mention that his own sister said he was a pedifle in 1993 too.

What if they said on national TV "he was a great WHITE man we shared with the world" blah blah blah... they would be called out immediately by the left-wing media!!! He would be a racist bigget!!! They would dig up the drug abuse, divorse, child abuse charges, plastic surgury, hanging babies from 3-story windows, & MOCKED LIKE A CRIMINAL LIKE A COMPLETE LOOSER!!!

What a joke. They put his memorial on all the stations on TV like he was some kind of GOD. What happend to the truth in our media????? Scoot
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