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well ive been watching this thread and just for the record ,and yes i do this[change oil] for a living now in a "major" lube company ok walmart. after i retired after 25 years of wrenching for myself, i deceided to go back to work but in a slower enviorment. we average on a slow week 30-35 cars a day take 30 a day times 7 days a week is 210 cars times that by 52 weeks thats 10,920 cars a year. every one of them were fram filters! now before any of you pass judgement on me i dont run a fram in my race car or my transporter but all of my daily drivers i do. knock on wood at work as far as i know most all walmarts use fram filters in the oil bays. i havent heard about any failures related to the filters as i write this but all i can speak for is my store here in new mexico. just my 2 cents worth
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