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I don't know what happened to fram they probably went cheap on the material or something they used to be pretty good. I do know it has become a BIG problem for them and nobody I know uses them any more. Myself like many of my friends have gone to the 6 dollar pure one filter, Napa's wix filters are good too.
The main reason I chimmed in here is that if your like me you race and in a race stiuation you really don't have time to be staring at a oil pressure gauge. Granted you might glance at it during a burn-out or while staging and even at the end of the run but when your driving at WOT your focus better be on the track. Now every motor I ever raced I've put a BIG OLE low oil pressure idiot light on the dash, it's just like a shift light but with a red lens, they are super bright and easily seen.
A oil accumulator is great idea too and that coupled with a low oil pressure ignition kill swith and you'll be CYA for sure.

Just thought> Cp
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