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Well, the bottom sorta fell out of this deal this week. In our original conversation the guy had told me he had a bank account with Wells Fargo that he would pay for my car out of, and, the other 3 cars he's “suppose” to be buying? That would have worked out really well since I also have a Wells Fargo Account!!!

Ennywho, sometime around mid week he called again telling me that he had closed that account with Wells Fargo, and that he would be paying me by wire transfer once I gave him MY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS???? WTF????

I went and talked to my banker at Wells Fargo telling them what had happened and was told that I should run away from this guy because something doesn't seem right!! Hummm, yup, I had to agree. They also told me that Wire transfers CAN BE CANCELED/RECALLED even after the deal was done?? Another WTF moment for me.

So I sent him an Email that evening telling him that there was NO way he was going to get my bank account numbers and if he still wanted the car, payment would have to be made with US Dollars before the car and trailer could be picked up by the shipping company.

It's been a couple of days now with no word back on this so I'm going to “assume” that's the end of it!

To be continued......................The car is still for sale!
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