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Tod, I AM a Conservative INDEPENDENT. No where near being a Republican as they have deserted The Fight....No offense taken my friend !
Men, this whole world spectrum of using flesh and blood for political purposes has literally spiraled completely and utterly out of control. It is all WAAAY bigger than any one man, or nation for that matter. There is schitt going on throughout the world that is way beyond our control. Has been for decades and is now, through the advent of modern technologies, exponentially growing in evilness.
In the last 2 years the Syrian 'issue' has resulted in the deaths of THOUSANDS of individuals in the most horrifying and gruesome ways that man can impose on man. Where was the 'outrage' all that time ?
No, Syria is a diversionary tactic to pull our attentions off of our very own domestic issues( Obamacare - the immigration act - both designed to literally kill the America we know and love)) as well as the 7 'scandals' ie; TREASONOUS actions that Zer'O' and gang have perpetuated. Keep this in mind though, Zer'O' is but a puppet, is the puppet MASTERS we need to defeat.
50% of me says it is VERY near to the 'End Times',...the other 50% refuses to give up and says keep on keeping on. Either way it goes, hold close to your heart, body and soul, your faith, friends and family. REALLY tough times are acoming.......God Bless our United States of America, the United Stated Constitution and Bill of Rights, each and every American Patriot, and our military the world over(who are now joining in the resistance)
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