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Default Towing 48 feet trailer in California

HI i got pulled over a week ago with my 48 foot enclosed trailer here in CA.

I wasn't aware of the regulations and I'm OK with getting a Class A license.
But they also tell me i have to get
Dot number
CA number
Motor carrier permit

I also have to have a logg book and so on..

Im towing with a Dodge ram 2014 3500 pick up truck.

Isn't there any differences in not for hire or something else? I only tow my own cars.
I have a car related biz but i own the truck and trailer in my namne.

Im not a big rig driver that hauls commercial everyday i only use my trailer for car shows or if i go out of state to buy more then one car at the time.

Is there any loop holes out there?

Really need help on this one

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