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Originally Posted by hotrod1994
its all good curtisreed, im on my way of learning how to do it all now, thanks
you are right!! we need all the blood we can get its hard to find kids my age that are into old school power now there all hopped up on the rice rockets and laptops

well pops was 19/20 and he was born 1955 so late 70's it was a 402 bbc 13.5:1 (ive got one of the spare pistons he had hanging on the wall) rectangular port heads not sure of the cam he ram a tunnel ram with 2 660 center squirters m22 and a 12 bolt with 5:13's out back he never lost on the street 10.55 was his best time at 128 mph at the track he might still have the time slip ill have to ask him
sounds like he had a good combo.
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