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Originally Posted by Rigsby
Sorry guys, I too want to know about this one too...

I am confused... Tod said : "The VIN Number is the only way to know for sure"

rlmotorsports says: "tod74 is right you can't tell by the VIN tag on a 70 Chevelle"

I get the part about the dash cluster (round guage vs sweeping spedo, etc..) but how would a VIN on a 70 -vs- 67, 68,69 etc... having a 138 be an SS differ from a 1970SS?? Is the 70' VIN using a different code than the rest? I am curious myself as this is one of my favorite years of Chevelles. Scooter
My statement that you could tell by the VIN was just an assumtion....apparently an incorrect one. Used to a look at the dash was almost a sure fire way but anymore they sell those dashes everywhere (reproduction) and it isn't hard to change.I've had mine out (72 Chevelle). My car isn't a true Super Sport and the dash is the ONLY give away. I have the boxed control arms, disc brakes, sway bar on the rear etc.
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