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thanks bbc4life for the postive feedback about the lexan windows, i read the previous message about the lexan at home depot, so today i went to all 4 home depot in town were i live and NOT one of them carrys margard lexan "scratch resistant" , all they have is regular GE polymer in different sizes, which is a sheet of clear plastic, now about the 10 year guarantee and one side is treated for sunlight, im sorry but that isnt even lexan , GE Lexan has a lable on it that clearly states , "lexan" or "margard". corey is looking for the margard lexan for his malibu, i offered him the regular std lexan which is 1/8 size with paper back on both sides and the complete kit i quoted him was 400.00 and the shipping was already included into the price and that is a very good deal, i do agree with mcracecars about the way you have to take care of the lexan on your race car, i have a 68 camaro and the lexan i have on it is the std regular lexan , look up my profile it is nitro63 for the pics of the car, the lexan on the car has been on it for over 8 years now, and all i do is take care of it inside and out and i live here in texas with nothing but wind some times and alot of dirt flying around , but what it really all comes down to is the way we want our race cars to look, because that is what keeps us sane !! just my 2 cents
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