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Default YA KNOW WHAT??

If I ran a company that sold merchandise to people on this site I would probably be your bestes friend, your goodie whore, your cars goodie whore, I would know your wives by 1st name so they could buy for Fathers Day, Birthday, Christmas etc...I wouldn't run my head up your ass but I would damn sure sell you alot of goods or I would be asking what am I doing wrong?? Cause there is just toooooo much money spent by this bunch...So if Ya see a new lotsof454sss crap for sale, just get your cards out cause I am fixing to get someones business...and when I do I will keep it too...If an ole boy buys $5000 worth of goodies what is wrong with dropping him a nice tool in the bag for free..Hell Yea...a bud sends you a customer that spends $5 to 6k why not spot him a $50...This is the way I do business and it seems to work...HINT... HINT... HINT
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