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Yes we race in Denver and in Grand Junction Co a lot. In Denver with the Goodyears he ran 8.02 @ 169 with 1.18 60's in 7800' air. About the same in GJ with the Goodyears. The Hoosiers picked up the 60 a solid .03 and pushed the et to a [email protected] best. Only runs in Denver with the Hoosiers have been on the stop, so really can't compare.

If all he did was bracket race it, the delay wouldn't be a problem. He's one of the most consistent leavers I know. I've personally witnessed the guy go .000 3 times in a row in eliminations, and go between .001 and .009 all day, race after race in his Superstreet Chevelle, but he want's to run Supercomp on a .4 pro tree and the best he can do there is .050 or so. Gonna be tough to go many rounds that way...

Hooked the practice tree to his car yesterday, to experiment. With the same delay, same button in his car, he go .030-.040 on the tree and I'd go -.003-.008 on a .4 pro tree. We tried a few different release methods and got him down to consistent .015's so hopefully he can do the same on the track...I'm sure he'll send the converter in this winter or buy a new one built for the car.
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