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Originally Posted by chopperz
Originally Posted by jim383
I'm about to sell a car to someone in Canada,I was thinking of getting him to do a wire transfer from his bank to mine. Ayn problems with this?
Yes, his problem.
Why should he trust you??
After reading all the posts in the scammer section of this forum I would never wire money to someone in advance.
Is it possible to trust anyone over here if you are from outside US?
I know a few people bought cars from the states. When they arrived they were rusted out pieces of shit. Nothing like the ads. When I bought my drag car, I flew to Alabama and test drove it at Montgomery before making a bank transfer. The car was loaded on a transporter and on its way to LA for shipping before I left. It was 33 hours of flying in each direction and about $3,500 but worth it. Woulda cost me a whole lot more if it was a scam. I would never buy a car off Racing Junk without personally going to see it first.
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