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Default Racing on Pump E85

You know how when you find something that really works you want to tell others. I've run my car on Pump E85 now for about a year. Can't believe that I wasted all that money on racing fuel all those years. At $1.79 a gallon E85 is the way to go. I'm running a 14.3:1 620 BBC around 910hp. Car runs cooler and tad faster than it was running on 112 Sunoco. I tried alcohol for a time and didn't like the hassle and the moisture. plus with E85 it's cheaper to run than alky. E85 only burns 20% more fuel than gas so no need for those belt drive pumps. You can convert your gas carb to E85 for less than $400 so you recoup that investment in no time. I've found the E85 at the pump has tested E83 to E85 every time I've gone. I fill up 5- 5 gallon cans each time I go. My 2425lb Doorcar runs 5.20s at 130mph and repeats with no issues. Give it a try, you will love it
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