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All beware, a week or so ago RJ had an add for a silver 1973 Corvette, 454, 4 speed, air and only 37,000 miles. Add #183933312. Asking 19,600.00. I sent an inquiry message to private seller and got nothing. Next day add is gone, so I figured it sold. Nice car, low miles and optioned well, only makes since. A few day later a get an e-mail from a guy supposedly named Richard Groff that claims he's a geothermal engineer for Oceaneering International and he sends me about 40 pics of the car and another sales pitch of how he will pay shipping, give me (7) days to inspect it and if I'm not satisfied, he will pay return shipping. It was his dads car, friend couldn't get financing, how he works off shore and can't get phone calls, blah, blah blah. Original add said car was in Illinois, now the car is in a warehouse in Portland, Maine. I reply that I want to send someone to look at the car and he replies that I have send him 50% to show I'm serious and another 595.00 for his broker and reminds me that I'm getting (7) days to inspect the car. Just happens, I'm a construction engineer that just finished putting in my second geothermal field and I call Oceaneering International and they have no record of him on their employment list. I'm not surprised, as this is the third scam I've had tried on me from RJ site about off shore and free shipping. I sent him a reply with the stated facts mentioned above and have not heard anymore. EVERYONE, PLEASE BEWARE, SCAMMING IS EVERYWHERE AND THE OLD SAYING, "IF THE DEAL SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY ISNT". Bud Hanson
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