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After reading most of the Senate's "Immigration Bill" it looks like just another "Spending Bill" with little or no accountability for the money being spent, and certainly little provision for raising the revenues they will need to both buy the votes for it and to enforce it in the future . .

What's so hard?

Close the Borders.

Set a specific time for those here illegally and wanting to stay, to get a temporary work visa (Must be renewed annually) or leave the country.

Deport any Illegal Alien found to be using either stolen ID or SS#.

Stop all TANF, SNAP and other federally funded welfare programs that go to children with illegal parents . . Cruel, but that's why a lot of them are here . . They live on Unk'l Sam's largesse . . and if they're not working, then they're not the "Asset" their advocates tell us they are . . Nor, will their children be, statistics show . . .

Rewrite the laws that enable immigrants to come here. Make someone other than the immigrant responsible for their presence and then get them a work visa in a timely manner . . 3 years certainly isn't, and turning them loose once they get here isn't smart either . . There will always need to be oversight because humans will be humans. Rules are made to be broken . .

And . . . Make the fines and other punitive measures for hiring illegals so expensive that no one would think of doing it!

Student Visas? Just provide last year's grades when your annual renewal comes due. No grades, no visa . . .

What's so hard?

Why do you need 1200 pages just for an Amendment to the original law the "Gang of Eight" conjured up? They're hard to count and I didn't read 'em all but I think it was about 8000 pages . . .

Of Bullsh*t . . . .
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