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Originally Posted by altune
I am having some consumption issues also with this setup. It seems, we run the car for 3-4 mins at idle and it comsumes almost one 3 gal tank.
somethings got to be wrong with that.
my return pill is 88. we adjusted the idle egt to 520 deg. so its ont too rich.
is this normal? With my old setup 414 engine alcohol carb, it used maybe 2 gals a run. this one seems liek it will blow thru the 3 in one run.
the heads are sbc old pro stock pontiac 867's reworked by Self to flow in the 355 cfm intake at .700
That's way,way too fat. That 55 doesn't use more than 1 1/2 gal. in the qtr. and we park about the 1/8 mile mark and drive too the line and back too the pits. My 377" doesn't burn more than a 1 gal. and that's also driving to the line and back too the pits. A friend has a 1992 Camero, 434" with 2 toilet bowls on a tunnel ram weigh 2700lbs, runs 8.80/8.90 and doesnt use but about 2 gal. and that's also driving to the line and back to the pits. He has no leanouts at all, using a gold 1/2 pump.
2 possible sineros, 1 is the pump is weak at idle and you may not be getting enough fuel flow, giving you a false egt reading. Try setting the barrel valve at 18/20% leakdown and see what the egt reading is at 1200 rpm idle.
By the way it was 92 degrees friday nite and 78% humidity, it rained on us on the way too the track, and it had rained 2 hrs. earlier at the track. Which was one reason the track was so slick.
Anyway my suggestion would be to first make sure the barrel valve is set in the neighborhood of 20% and we can go from there.

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