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If you look closely at the picture you can see the hispeed leanout at the bottom of the picture. It's electric and controled with a MSD adjustable rpm controler. Look at the barrel valve and you can see the input line in front and the return line exit toward the drivers fender, that line is plumbed into the hispeed which is activated at what ever rpm the controler is set at, then plumbed back to the tank. It actually never come into play in the 1/8 mile, but in the qtr. it picks up a few hundreds and a mile or 2 in trap speeds. This car has a gold "0" pump and #36 nozzles, so i think it might help a bigger pump a little more on top end too keep the EGT and engine temp more on a level basis. On my car i don't run a hispeed leanout, and it definately suffers on top end. running 6.52 1/8 and 10.59 only 125mph, it should 128 plus. I leave the line at at 180/190 degrees and i'm down to 160 by the time i hit traps. I can run round robin and never turn on the fan.


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